Frequently Asked Questions:


  • What is

This is our PTO website where you will be able to see who is in your child’s classroom, access the family directory, order tickets for events, make donations, view important information and so much more!  You should create or update your account to begin receiving valuable information from our PTO.


  • How does the car rider line work?

The car rider line can be a difficult experience for new families.  Please visit the PTO website for a map with instructions that explain how the car rider line works for arrival and dismissal.     


  • How do we purchase school supply boxes?

In the spring of each year, the PTO provides the opportunity to purchase school supply boxes.  These boxes will include almost all of the school supplies your child will need for the coming year (the other supplies like headphones can be purchased in the bookstore just outside the front office).  You are not required to purchase a school supply box, but doing so will save you a lot of time in the summer!  Watch the PTO website for details in spring.


  • Why do kindergarteners carry tote bags rather than backpacks?

At Scales, we ask that all kindergarteners carry our Scales tote bags instead of backpacks.  This helps teachers, bus drivers and staff identify these children as kindergartners so that they can keep an eye out for them.  The tote bags can be purchased through the office and may be personalized to your liking.


  • When and where do I buy Scales spirit wear?

There will be many opportunities throughout the school year at various events to purchase Scales spirit wear.  These items will be available for purchase at each orientation night and throughout the school year.  Please visit the PTO website for more information. 


  • How does my child purchase food and/or drinks at lunch?

Your teacher will send home information about how to purchase food and/or drinks at lunch.  You can either send a check to school to start a lunch account (make it payable to Scales Elementary and note that it is designated for your child’s lunch money) or you can set up an online account with There is a convenience fee charged on but there is no extra charge when you send in a check. Please watch for details during the first few days of school for more information on this topic.


  • Where do I find a directory of Scales families?

The directory of Scales families is only accessible through our PTO website.  You must have a account to view this directory.  Families can choose whether or not their information is shown in the directory when they create an account. 



  • How can I view my child's report card online?

You must create a Family Access/Skyward account and be given login information from the School Office.  See Kim Walton (attendance secretary) in the front office for information.


  • What if I need my child to change transportation methods during the school day?

Your teacher will let you know what he or she prefers for you to do to change your child’s transportation method during the school day.  Most of the time, your child’s teacher will prefer that you call the school office to change your child’s transportation method.  The office then will inform the teacher and student of the change.


  • Who is Carol Birdsong?

Carol Birdsong is the Communications Director for Williamson County Schools.  If there is an all-county communication that needs to go out (such as a snow day), you will get a phone call and email from her.  Our kids LOVE it when she calls in the winter months!


  • What are the Volunteer Tiers and why are they important?

Williamson County Schools has created a three-tier volunteer system to help protect our children and promote a high level of volunteerism in the county.  Please visit the or Williamson County Schools website ( to learn more about the 3 tiers and the distinctions between each tier.  If you plan to attend any field trips or volunteer in the classroom, you must be a Tier III volunteer, which requires a one-time background check.  The Tier III application process only needs to be completed once, not yearly.


  • When can I have my Tier III badge made?

The PTO will have several opportunities throughout the school year to have your badge made.  Check for dates and times.


  • Who to contact with issues re: social concerns?

Ms. Elaine Coyle, our guidance counselor, is always willing to help with any social issues.  We also have a part-time guidance counselor, Ms. Clara Chandler.


  • Are there opportunities for working parents to be involved?

We know that many of our parents work.  We will have many opportunities for our working parents to be involved in PTO activities, including evening opportunities.  In addition, your child’s teacher may have opportunities for you to help in various ways. 


  • What is the role of a room parent?

Our room parents are very important!  The room parent helps with various tasks including purchasing class gifts, planning class parties and recruiting classroom volunteers. 


  • How do I get involved in the PTO?

Every parent or guardian at Scales is a member of our PTO – no dues to pay.  We encourage you to become involved and we have numerous ways in which you can participate.  Please visit the volunteer section of the PTO website for more information.  Please consider participating in our PTO; we need your help!  You will have the opportunity to donate to our PTO through the Invest in your Child Campaign.  We ask parents to make a one-time donation at the beginning of the school year.  This donation eliminates the traditional fund raising programs such as selling wrapping paper, candy bars, etc. 


  • Can I volunteer in my child's classroom?

Your child’s teacher will determine the level of parent participation in his or her classroom.  Your teacher and room parent will communicate volunteer opportunities to you.  To volunteer in the classroom, you must be a Tier III volunteer (see above).


  • What is the best way to communicate with teachers and/or school administrators?

Your teacher will tell you his or her preferred method of communication.  To communicate with school administrators, email or telephone communication is preferred.


  • Can I eat lunch with my child?

We love for you to enjoy lunch with your child.  Parents of kindergarteners are asked not to come to lunch with their child until after Labor Day, which gives your child time to adjust to the busy cafeteria. You may NOT bring in restaurant food for lunch because of food allergy concerns.  You may either purchase an adult meal in the cafeteria line by paying cash or using your child’s lunch account or you may bring a homemade sack lunch. 


  • Can a sibling come with parents to school?

Siblings may come with you to lunch.  Siblings are not allowed to attend any event in the classroom (including classroom parties and volunteer opportunities). 


  • How can I celebrate my child’s birthday?

Teachers will give you more specific information on how to celebrate your child’s birthday. A common method is to purchase ice cream from the school cafeteria.  Please do not bring outside snacks without prior permission from your child’s teacher.


  • Where do I find information about the gifted program?

You can speak to your teacher about this, who will put you in touch with our gifted teacher, Mrs. Lori Thomas.


  • Where can I find Fun Co info?

Fun Co is now administered by Williamson County Schools and the name has changed to SACC (School Aged Child Care). SACC provides supervised care for children before and after school.  Please call 615-472-4719 for more information.


  • How do I obtain prior approval for a family trip?

You must submit a request form to obtain approval prior to your trip.  The required form is available in the office.  Please try and submit the required form sufficiently in advance of your trip to allow the office to process the request.


  • What are some of the extracurricular activities available for my child?’
      • Community Projects - Scales students' volunteer spirit shines through in many opportunities throughout the year, including two very special ones.  In the fall, students and families will have the opportunity to participate in the Graceworks food drive.  In the spring, students and families will have the opportunity to bring in new or gently used books to donate to our partner school, Warner Elementary in east Nashville.  


  • Destination ImaginationScales always has several teams participate in Destination Imagination.  All students are invited to participate.  Teams must have a Team Manager (parent or volunteer).  Destination Imagination (DI) is a non-profit, volunteer-led, cause-driven organization whose purpose is to inspire and equip students to become the next generation of innovators and leaders. Annually, DI offers seven new standards-based challenges in STEM, Improv, Visual Arts, Service Learning, and Early Learning. Each challenge enables student teams to learn and experience the creative process from imagination to innovation.  


  • Fifth Grade Safety Patrol - Fifth graders can be members of the Safety Patrol. The Safety Patrol monitors the car rider line and assists students in exiting the car, when necessary.


  • Fifth Grade Flag Raising - Two fifth grade students per day are responsible for raising and lowering the flags in the front of the school.


  • Fourth and Fifth Grade Chorus –Registration for chorus begins in the fall and is administered by our music teacher, Mrs. Vines.  Chorus meets after school on specific days (TBD).   


  • Green Team - Meets one time per month before school to learn about and work on ways to help preserve our school and home environments.  


  • Health and Wellness Club - Meets one time per month to learn about ways to keep our minds and bodies healthy, and to promote health and wellness activities at Scales.


  • Mustang Closet - Our fifth graders have a great opportunity for community service in the fall through Mustang Closet, our clothing drive for our partner school, Warner Elementary.  Signups will be at the beginning of school.  


  • Run Club - Come run with us on Tuesday and Thursday mornings before school!  Run Club runs for six weeks in the fall and spring.  Watch for signups in the fall!


  • School Musical- Each Spring, Scales' students showcase their talents in our school musical.  Some of the past performances have been from Seussical, Jr., The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland and Annie.  Watch for more info in the fall.


  • There are also many opportunities for our older students to shine through the Geography Bee, Spelling Bee, Mini Mu Math competition, Math Olympiad and more!


  • Can my kindergartener ride the bus during the first week of school- the half days?

During the half days, children may ride the bus in the morning, but the bus will not take your child home- you will need to pick up your child in the car line. Regular bus resumes during the full days of school.


  • Should I label my child’s school supplies?

Your teacher will let you know if any of your school supplies need to be labeled.  Things that are individual (such as headphones and agendas) should be.


  • When does my child receive his/her (previously ordered) grade level t-shirt?

If you pre-purchased a grade level t-shirt in Spring, it will be delivered to your child’s classroom at the beginning of the school year.


  • Who do I speak to about special dietary concerns for lunch? (vegetarian, food allergies, etc)

Please speak with your teacher about this and she will send the information to the appropriate staff members.


  • Where do I find info on the Girl Scouts/Cub Scouts?

Please contact Bard Ferguson regarding Cub Scouts and call 615-690-7050 regarding Girl Scouts. 


  • What time should my child arrive in the morning?

School officially begins at 8:35 but it is recommended that your child arrive on or before 8:20 if possible. If your child arrives after 8:35, they will need to enter school with a tardy slip from the office.


  • What are the security procedures for the school?

To ensure a safe environment for all at Scales, all visitors must sign in at the front office prior to entering the building. All visitors must also wear a Scales sticker or a Tier III badge while in the building.



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