Williamson County Schools Three-Tiered Volunteer Process

Williamson County Schools have created a three-tiered guideline to protect children and to continue to maintain the high levels of volunteerism that we enjoy in our district. Please follow these procedures in order to volunteer at Scales Elementary.


So what does each 'Tier' mean to you as a parent volunteer - i.e. what Tier clearance do you personally need to obtain in order to participate in the activities you wish to as a volunteer at Scales?


Tier I - If you are coming to eat lunch, attend a book fair, field day or school fair with your child at Scales, you are a Tier I volunteer that is required to sign in at the front office.  At this level of clearance, WCS employee supervision is required.   


Tier II -  At this level of clearance, WCS employee supervision is required along with the completion of a volunteer application and a confidentiality agreement acknowledging FERPA requirements. These documents must be turned in to the front office.  Click here for the Williamson County Volunteer Application and Confidentiality Agreement.


Tier III - If you would like help tutor inside or outside of class or attend a class field trip as a leader or chaperone at Scales, Tier III clearance is required. If you would like to serve as a room parent, Tier III clearance is strongly recommended. At this level of clearance,  the Williamson County Volunteer Application and Confidentiality Agreement (required for Tier II status above) must be completed along with a background check and fingerprinting process.  Click here for volunteer background check registration instructions.  


Please note: Scales PTO encourages all parents to be Tier III volunteers and to wear badges while on school property.  


Tier III BadgesAll Scales Tier III volunteers are encouraged to obtain a Tier III security badge and            wear it when you are present at Scales.  Wearing this badge will help identify you as a Tier III volunteer to teachers, staff members, other parents and our resource officer. Once you have completed your paperwork and finger printing process, you can obtain a badge at Scales at various times throughout the school year.  These dates and times will be listed on the website and other school- wide notifications.


 If you have completed your WCS background check and have been approved, your name will be listed at Scales on the day badges are made. Processing after fingerprints can take 2-3 weeks. Please do not call the office to see if your background check has been processed. You will be notified by WCS if there is a problem with your background check.


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