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Williamson County Schools

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Williamson County Board of Education

Superintendent of Schools                       Mike Looney


  twitter bird  @wcsDirofSchools   


Superintendent of Elementary Schools      Denise Goodwin



Williamson County 

School Board Members

WCS Board Homepage

7th District        Bobby Hullett


8th District        Candace Emerson



County Commissioners

County Commissioner Homepage


County Mayor    Rogers Anderson     615-790-5700



7th District         Bert Chalfant       615-373-4119



                         Robert Hullett   615-772-6527



8th District         Jack Walton        615-373-3346



                          Barb Sturgeon     615-828-0364  



Tennessee General Assembly

Tennessee Senate                  Jack Johnson

District 23                      

Tennessee House                   Charles Sargent

District 61                      




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